Briefing Techniques




When you have completed this program, you will be able to:

  • Brainstorm ideas for your briefing. – Learn to use 5 brainstorming techniques.
  • Use the POD process to systemically plan, organize, and deliver your briefing.
  • Plan your briefing based on your audience analysis and your objective.
  • Brainstorm the supporting materials.
  • Select the ideas that support the objective of your briefing.
  • Organize your briefing into a PSS informative format.
  • Organize your briefing into a SPSS persuasive format.
  • Identify and use a variety of organizational principles.
  • Use agenda slide to improve the organization of a briefing.
  • Use strategies to improve Q&A sessions.
  • Use stress management techniques.
  • Learn some verbal and non-verbal delivery techniques.
  • Learn varied delivery styles.