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Participants have benefitted from the distinct differences in KCI’s business and technical communication training programs for over 25 years.

Increase Efficiency

Save Time – Learn to use KCI’s systematic
process to Plan, Organize, and Deliver
any communication.
Some participants have reported
a 30% efficiency gain!

Focus on Your Purpose

Learn to develop concise, captivating presentations that will motivate
others, set the stage for
consensus, and produce the
results you’d planned.

Share Your Work

KCI’s writing programs are unique in that they feature personalized editorial comments and feedback.
KCI editorial coaching helps ensure that you meet your goals.

KCI combines highly interactive workshops with self-paced online programs for a blended training experience. This blended approach increases retention and helps ensure participants integrate these new skills sets into their behavior.

KCI has global experience with many top 100 companies and understands that each client is different. Our programs are designed around core communication skills concepts and have been tailored to different industries, occupations, and technology. These programs are especially valuable in today’s information intense, and technology driven environment.


Long-ineffective briefings? Time and resources wasted? KCI’s Briefing Techniques programs focuses on learning skills that are essential for more productive briefings.

Briefing Techniques programs a favorite of supervisors and executives working in the defense industries and government agencies. Their briefing requirements include delivering a clear, concise message while eliciting cooperation and action.

Instructor-led workshops and online programs too.


Presentation looming? Writer’s-block? Delivery stress? Learn to quickly organize your thoughts, overcome writer’s block, and deliver a great presentation!

Instructor-led workshops and online programs too.


I never write that right! How do I write that? Is this correct? What is the rule? – English is confusing! A great program for those who want a review of “American Business English” rules, ESL participants, and the global workforce of US based companies. Includes editorial feedback!

Instructor-led workshops and online programs too.


What did I do? I can’t remember! Where do I start? How do I say this? Writing a personal self-assessment is a daunting task. Trying to remember what happened, who was involved, what were our goals and some of the changes that happened all combine to make a difficult task. Learn how to record and keep accurate and easy to use records, identify contributions, document results, and which phrases to use!

Instructor-led workshops available.


What do we do? How do we get there? Leaders deliver clear and concise messages with action plans that build consensus and motivate. During this program, participants learn to write, present, and deliver messages while retaining the audience’s attention to keep projects, teams, and groups on-track.

Instructor-led workshops and online programs too.


Tons of data? Stage fright? Complex details? Lack experience? Learn to quickly organize your thoughts, analyze your audience, re-label stress, and deliver a polished technical presentation!

Instructor-led workshops and online programs too.


Ineffective email? Lack clarity? Lack direction & purpose? Learn how technology is driving the new rules of written communication, how to use strong subject lines, direct vs. indirect styles, elements of persuasion, and easy templates.

Instructor-led workshops and online programs too.


Lack an engaging environment? High employee turnover? Too difficult & stressful! Learn how conflict management can be a useful tool in your team’s skill set. Learn how to discover what everyone brings to the situation, learn to assign value to relationships, how to clarify the real issues involved, and how to design the conversation to succeed!

Instructor-led workshops and online programs too.


Need training adapted to a specific environment? Our content and your Trainers are a perfect match.

KCI’s training programs content is written by SME’s and have been used by some of the largest companies in America. Let’s discuss how using KCI’s proven training program content can significantly improve the results yielded by your in-house training program call 435.214.7995.

Instructor-led workshops available.


Emails lack organization? What do they want me to do? Why do I need to know this? Email and text communication is much easier when you are using standardized organization patterns  and templates combine with strong subject lines.

Instructor-led workshops available.