KCI offers highly tailored communication workshops. Our clients find value in customizing KCI training programs based upon the participants in attendance. This approach ensures that you’ll receive the level of training that matches the skill levels of the participants. A unique feature of KCI workshops is the blending of an online prework/postwork component that allows participants to familiarize themselves with the program expectations. It helps them to manage training day stress, and ensures that valuable time with the PhD facilitators can be used more effectively.

Our workshops focus on the use of highly-effective, repeatable processes that produce organized, well-developed presentations, written communications, and conflict management skills.

Q&A Session

Presentation Workshops

Our award-winning Listener-Based Presentation programs have been designed to fulfill a variety of specific communication needs including:

Focusing On Critical Communication Points

  • What do you want audiences to know.
  • What do you want them to do.
  • What may happen if action is not taken.

When audiences know the answers to the above questions they are more likely to take the action the presenter advocates. When the audience is overwhelmed with meaningless data, they do nothing; and your presentation time and effort is wasted. The audience may also feel you’ve wasted their resources.

KCI Presentation Skills Workshops can include 1, and 2 day instructor-led, onsite programs with topics that include:

Briefing Techniques

Executive Communications Coaching

Leadership & Strategic Communications

Listener-Based Presentations

Technical Presentations

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Conflict Group

Conflict Management Workshop

Throughout Our Professional And Personal Lives We’re Faced With Conflict.

– Conflict can be Positive, leading to improvements in processes and attitudes. Conflict can be Negative, leading to loss of productivity and even anger.

KCI’s Conflict Management program identifies common conflict issues and provides skills that can be used to encourage positive outcomes in both professional and personal relationships. We also address what to do when conflict escalates.

Critical Communication Points

  • Communication Styles and how/when we use them
  • How to deescalate situations
  • Use active listening
  • Use paraphrasing
  • Learn to negotiate with focus on both the relationship and your agenda

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Writing on Computer

Writing Workshops

KCI Writing program participants learn to write documents that are clear, concise, action-oriented, and easy to read. They practice writing business emails using KCI’s proprietary POWR process. This high-speed process is used to Plan, Organize, Write, and Revise everything from quick emails to lengthy, more intricate technical reports. A consultant or editor reviews these emails and provides feedback.

Overall Program Objectives include:

  • Overcoming writer’s block and saving time.
  • Using systematic writing processes.
  • Writing with the reader in-mind.
  • Using 5 brainstorming techniques.
  • Using informative and persuasive templates.
  • Using a step-by-step revision process.

Reader-Based Writing 1.0 and Reader-Based Writing 2.0 are blended programs and are offered as 1 and 2 day instructor-led, onsite workshops. Email Skills Coaching and Self-Assessment Writing are offered as 1 day workshops.

Reader-Based Writing 1.0

Reader-Based Writing 2.0

Self-Assessment Writing

Email Skills Coaching

Trainer Workshop

Train-the-Trainer Workshops

KCI workshops are available as Train-the-Trainer programs. For many years KCI has been helping corporations improve their internal communications programs by supplying training content and teaching facilitators techniques and strategies that help them measure participant improvements and advanced communication skills.

Train-the-Trainer programs can be customized to meet the needs of the participants who will be attending the program. Please call or email KCI for specific information.

All KCI Training programs qualify for CEU credit.

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