KCI Training program content has been referred to as being “bullet-proof”. The processes, strategies, and techniques contained in these programs engage participants, improve subject matter retention, and enable behavioral change. If your company has great trainers, providing them the best training content is the most affordable way to help them generate measurable improvements.

KCI’s experienced facilitators hold either Master or PhD degrees in phycology, and have trained hundreds of corporate trainers to use KCI’s proprietary POD Presentation process, POWR Writing process, and other KCI certified interactive training methods complimented by our top-shelf manuals, handouts, and online resources.

Our Facilitators are fantastic! They engage participants and use advanced techniques to meet your trainers needs and expectations. Once you have determined which course(s) may be right for you, Facilitator resumes are available.

We encourage follow-up training questions and discussions to ensure that your trainers are prepared to perform.


Excellent internal trainers combine with proven content makes training more effective and less expensive.

Writing Skills Programs Offered

Email Skills

Reader-Based Writing 1.0

Reader-Based Writing 2.0

Presentation Skills Training

Brief like “TED”

Briefing Techniques

Mission-Critical Briefing Techniques

Listener-Based Presentations

Technical Presentation Skills

Communication Skills Training

Conflict Management

Leadership & Strategic Communication Skills

Technical Communication Skills

All KCI Training programs feature well-produced manuals, hand-outs, and online resources.
Writing Skills Editorial comment is available.

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